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Around the World with the Bumfuzzle’s

More than a year ago I was searching the web for stories of people that had embarked on a journey similar to the one we were contemplating.  Stories of families selling all of their possessions, getting out of the rat race, simplifying their lives, and spending their time traveling to different parts of the world.

I stumbled upon a site that captured my attention with a story that was nearly unbelievable.  They did not have kids, but this young husband and wife were certainly living an uncommon life…traveling the world in a sailboat after only 8 hours of sailing lessons.

Fast forward a year, and I am organizing my bookmarks and run across their site again…Bumfuzzle I had not read the site in some time, but they were now on a journey to travel around the world in a ’58 VW Van.  Turns out they were only a month behind us…when I caught up with them they were in Costa Rica and we were in Ecuador.  I sent them an email and invited them to dinner in Cotacachi, Ecuador…they wrote back that they would love a home cooked meal.

So last week they showed up on our door step.  They camped in their van in the parking lot, and we fixed a spaghetti and pizza dinner for them.  We shared stories and laughs, then they packed up the van, and headed south.  It is an intriguing story from a couple of young people that are daring to live a life of their choosing, check it out.

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