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Our Deliberate Life

Some may view our life as one without purpose or direction.  We do not know what tomorrow will bring, or where we will sleep in a month, or what the next 40 years holds for us.  It is a life currently without possessions or the encumbrances we have come to associate with success.  We don’t DO anything…

Still others I imagine will view us as irresponsible.  Quitting high paying careers.  Throwing away our security.  Pulling our kids out of school and traveling to remote and dangerous areas of the world.

And to these people I say…you are right!

Don’t miss understand me, I do not believe these things true for my own life…only that if these are your views then you are right.

We travel many paths in our lives…

I ask the question whether life is more interesting to follow only one road or to be watchful of other paths to follow and choosing those that interest us along the way?

When the current path is crowded, or without fulfillment, or simply uninteresting are we not free to pursue another path?

Is it not alright to choose a path with only hope that each day we learn, that each day we grow, and that each day is filled with happiness?

Consider that our lives are filled with books.  Our lives are filled with music.  Our lives are filled with movies.  Our lives are filled with adventure.  Our lives are filled with study.  Our lives are filled with family.  Our lives are filled with friends both old and new.  And our lives are filled with time.

We hope for a deliberate life.

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